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Pad each side by 0 to 20 percent. This adds new pixels to the sides. These pixels will either be filled with a constant value (mode=constant) or filled with the value on the closest edge (mode=edge). If a constant value is used, it will be a random value between 0 and 128 (sampled per image).

Pad the top side of each image by 0 to 30 pixels, the right side by 0-10px, bottom side by 0-30px and left side by 0-10px. Use any of the available modes to fill new pixels and if the mode is constant then use a constant value between 0 and 128.

Crop/pad each side by up to 10px. The value will be sampled once per image and used for all sides (i.e. all sides gain/lose the same number of rows/colums).

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Augmenter that pads images, i.e. adds columns/rows to them.

This is a proxy for . It only accepts positive pixel/percent values.


Augmenter that crops/cuts away pixels at the sides of the image.

This is a proxy for . It only accepts positive pixel/percent values and transfers them as negative values to .

Flip/mirror input images horizontally.

Flip 50% of all images horizontally:

Flip/mirror input images vertically.

Flip 50% of all images vertically:

Completely or partially transform images to their superpixel representation.

Generate about 64 superpixels per image. Replace each one with a probability of 50% by its average pixel color.

Generate 16 to 128 superpixels per image. Replace each superpixel with a probability between 10 and 100% (sampled once per image) by its average pixel color.

Effect of setting n_segments to a fixed value of 64 and then increasing p_replace from 0.0 and 1.0:

Effect of setting p_replace to a fixed value of 1.0 and then increasing n_segments from 1*16 to 9*16=144:

Augmenter to change the colorspace of images.

The following example shows how to change the colorspace from RGB to HSV, then add 50-100 to the first channel, then convert back to RGB. This increases the hue value of each image.

Augmenter to convert images to their grayscale versions.

Change images to grayscale and overlay them with the original image by varying strengths, effectively removing 0 to 100% of the color:

Visualization of increasing alpha from 0.0 to 1.0 in 8 steps:

Augmenter to blur images using gaussian kernels.

Blur each image with a gaussian kernel with a sigma of 3.0 :

Blur an image by computing simple means over neighbourhoods.

Blur each image using a mean over neihbourhoods that have a random size between 2x2 and 11x11:

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Sha Sha Chu is the Android platform tech lead at x Jimmy Choo Sara 100 boots Offwhite Cheap Sale Affordable Buy Cheap Price MsFGVS
, the site that lets us keep all our favorite inspirational quotes, Instant Pot recipes and potential paint colors for the guest bathroom in one tidy place. Her first years of motherhood haven’t been easy, but she’s managing to make it all work. Here’s how she parents.

Name: Sha Sha Chu Location: Menlo Park, CA Job: Android Platform Tech Lead at Pinterest Family: Wife Amanda, kids Simon (4) and Willow (15 months)

Location: Family:
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Advice on Coming Out as Nonbinary
6/21/18 4:07pm

Tell us a little bit about your family and your career. Did life happen mostly as planned or were there surprises?

I mostly got into computer science because it was a way for me to get out of being pre-med. I’d grown up playing tons of video games and surprised my mom by proving to her you can actually make a living building them. After being in the games industry for about decade, I had the opportunity to shift to Pinterest, where I’ve been working on the Android app.

Our parenting journey has been more challenging than we ever anticipated. Our son was diagnosed prenatally with a congenital brain cyst and ended up having nearly 20 surgeries before he was 1, so we spent much of his first year living in the ICU at Children’s Hospital Oakland. A while later, he was diagnosed with epilepsy after a severe seizure, and about a year ago, he received an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis. Our daughter had a very complicated delivery, and we weren’t even sure she’d survive past the first few days. And yet somehow we ended up with two of the silliest, happiest children you’ll ever meet. If nothing else, it has made us grateful for every day we have together. (Although when my daughter is smashing my face in with her Happy Apple toy, it can be harder to remember.)

Take us through your morning routine. What are your best tricks for getting out the door?

My wife is a doctor so she’s usually up before me and will pack our son’s lunchbox for preschool. After the kids wake up, we shift into ‘do what you need to do’ mode, which generally involves me shoving scrambled eggs (with white cheese only) into our son’s mouth while simultaneously brushing my hair, as our daughter eats egg scraps off the floor. As long as the whole family gets out the door with pants on and at least one parent has showered, that feels like a huge success.

How do you divide household/childcare responsibilities with your partner?

PATH is the leader in global health innovation. An international nonprofit organization, we save lives and improve health, especially among women and children.

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The Tableau Foundation is an initiative led by the employees of Tableau Software that encourages the use of facts and analytical reasoning to solve the world’s problems.

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